Hi, my name is Keiko, living in Cairns, Australia – the nature abundant little town where the world oldest rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

What brought me here was an Aboriginal (Australian Indigenous people) Art. First time was at an art museum in Sydney during my short stay.
It was almost like a lightning. It struck me. Even though I enjoyed many art exhibitions (as I was studying to be an art teacher), nothing gave me that feeling.

Once I graduated university, I denied to be a part of the crazy “bubbly” money driven society in Tokyo. So flew here to see, this time, an authentic rock art.

I never thought I would spend more than half of my life in Australia then.

Nearly 30 years has past, I gave births to 2 children + a small business including (interestingly enough), Aboriginal rock art tours.

My drive on work has been introducing beauty of Cairns or Australian culture to Japan via different mediums such as magazine, events, TV coordination. Even my shop to me is a place not just selling products but also showcasing proud local producers.

Now, year 2021 has begun.

Still staying in “connecting” concept, I thought I would slide my focus the other way around… It means introducing virtues of Japan to English speaking people.

As mesmerised by the Aboriginal art lead me to a totally unexpected life path, re-discovering my own culture after all these years has given me the sense of awakening.

The longer I have been away, the more I see the essences for peace, harmony and sustainability in Japanese traditions.

Those philosophies have been passed on for thousands of years and formed Japan’s unique customs, architects, foods or people’s behaviour.

I am not a historian but as an editor, trying to find the light in particle and gather them to share with you.

Hope you enjoy the mental, spiritual journey of discovery with me.

Keiko Murphy