Some of you may be wondering why this website is called 81.

81 is Japanese international phone code. Yes.

But there is an another reason why I chose it. 

Ancient Japanese people had seen god (Divine, universe, creator-whatever you want to call) everywhere. Especially in the words, sounds, symbols and numbers. They are believed to be reflections of wisdom of the universe, and have individual energy / vibration.

Focusing on the numbers, it is similar to numerology but Japanese former shinto has its own way.

It is called Kazu-dama (direct translation is number- spirit).

While modern western numerology assigns a particular number to each alphabet from 1 to 9+ 11, 22 and 33 (master numbers), kazu-dama covers 1 to 181 + 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999.

In other words, each word is an expression of its vibrations and the numbers are translating the meaning for us.

Sometimes I look up kazudama to decide prices on my products – because when people look at numbers, they receive invisible messages – like it’s time for you to go to the next stage.

Numbers are messages from the universe. Sometimes you see the relation with the date and some historical incidents or natural disasters.

Or by adding each alphabet numbers, you can read the energy of your name , which influences your being.

For example, my name Keiko breaks up け(9) + い(5) + こ(7) and total number is 21.

According to Kazudama, the energy of 21 refers as follows.

“Bringing fresh air. The resolve comes from truth will make a stream to develop into evolution.

21 also represents celebrations and gateway to happiness.”

Someone with name 21 is a sailor.  Message from 21:  Voyage toward truth.

Now, back to 81.

It is a number of Light. ひ(30) + か(6) + り(45) = 81

Here are another words of 81…

Human:  に(25) + ん (1 )+ げ(54) + ん (1)=81

Foetation: た(15) + い(5) + じ (60)=81

Ancester: せ(14) + ん(10) + ぞ(17) = 81

Therefore, 81 is telling us that every human is a light being. From the moment our ancestors were born from Divine’s vibration through to now. 

81 encourages us to live in this moment. And saying

Remember you are the light. Glow within. Shine others with your light. You are the one to make the bright future.

persons hand on black background

We tend to worry about situations which haven’t happened yet. It is only an imagination indeed.

When you feel anxious, picture 81 in your heart. The vibration may ease you and help reminding that you are the light being.

P.S. Is anyone wondering which number has the god/divine energy in kazudama?

That is 41.

Referenced from Mr. Takeshi Fukada & Mrs. Miyuki Hasekura – Wisdom of the universe within Kazudama